Inferus was Guthix's loyal servant and guardian for ages before you came along. When Zamorak invaded RuneScape Heaven, he nearly killed Inferus and then proceeded to kill Guthix.

When you became the new god of balance, Inferus decided that protecting you would be his opportunity to redeem himself of his previous failure.

He is your companion throughout SFCIII, much like the C is in SFCII.

Inferus has sublime eyesight. Once in battle, he tells you that he can see every cell on your body individually.

One of Inferus' abilities is the Portal technique.


  • "Inferus" is the Latin word for "underdog".
  • In another one of Guitarguy's masterpieces, a story called "Redemption", the main charcacter's name is Inferus, and he is also Guthix's servant.
  • The images of Inferus came from Guitarguy's alternative RuneScape account named "Inferus". He's a f2p pure mage pk'er.