The official FSSFCYOA logo.

The Filler Screenshot Fake CYOA (FSFC) was released on 6/5/11. It was made after SFCII ended. After it ended, people started to try to boss around Guitarguy377 to make an epilogue. However, he was extremely busy in real life so he decided to make some simple MS paint images.

Actually, he deleted his models "accidentally" so now he can't continue SSFCYOAII


FSFC started with two ABCD polls. It asked who you and your rival would be. For both questions, the options were A. Admiral, B. Guitarguy, C. Amber Pyre, and D. Wolfiemario.

Admiral's character was Bill Gates, Guitarguy was Notch, Amber Pyre was the EVIL Queen of England, and Wolfiemario was a wolfie.

The first person to vote in the poll was WolfieMario. I think. I say that because at the time of the first vote, he was reading the topic. Also, he voted for himself to be the main character and Guitarguy to be the rival. Meanie.

The adventure itself ended five days later because Guitarguy is lazy.