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Dreams are encounters with dead things that generally happen in the Nonexistent Dimension. They are always daydreams, and happen in the midst of battle, or, in the SSFCYOA video, right before a battle. In the videos, dreams are generally depicted in black and white.

Throughout SSFCYOAII, Guthix was always the subject who came to You to give you advice. At the end, he visited you in one final dream, and you became Guthix.

In Praesent Terrarum, during the Seren battle, Guthix visited you (well, you had a flashback) and told you to "never, under any circumstances, harm a female"


In SSFCYOA, while learning the Gaze, a Ten Minutes Later screen appeared, the backround of which was The C. This could have been a dream.

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