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The C during SFCII

The C was first introduced as an enemy during Part 13 on SFCI. You opened a door in the kitchen, and entered the Nonexistent Dimension. The first (and only) person you met here was the C, who told you you would need to make him nonexistent in all dimensions. At the end of the battle, Guthix informed you to aim accurately with your spoon. You took his advice and shot, being convinced that you defeated the C. However, it turns out that he just dodged it so quickly that you thought you killed him.

Later on, while fighting the Five-star platinum generals, the C appears again to help you destroy them. Finally, you go on and defeat the Alien King and asplode the alien ship.

In SFCII, the C joined you throughout your whole journey. However, Zamorak killed him in the end.


-The C was one of four creatures in RuneScape capable of learning Guthix's Gaze, the other three being you, Guthix, and the aliens.

-The C was made as a result of viewers picking choice C even though there were only choices A and B.

-The C was made with Font: Arial, Size 36, Color (Hue: 233, Sat: 221, Lum: 104, Red: 213, Green: 9, Blue: 45)

-After SFCI, the C is the only living disciple of Guthix along with you.

-After SFCII, You are the only living Guthixian disciple, because the C was brutally murdered by Zamorak.